What Do Investors Look For Before Investing?

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If you have a viable idea that could help you to profit in the financial industry but you need capital in order to make it work, you may look for an investor. By doing so, you can bring your idea to market.

As you identify potential investors, you may wonder whether they’re a good fit for your team. You may also want to know what they’re looking for in a new startup.

All Investors are Different

While all investors tend to look at the same basic things, at the end of the day, they may place more priority on some factors than on others. It’s important for you to do your research on the factors that each investor places weight on, before you approach them.

Good Profit

Investors from Macdonald Ventures and other organizations want to profit from your idea. You’ll need to be able to show them that your innovation can help them to make money.

Your projections should not just be based on hope. You’ll have to look at current market conditions and use these to determine the financial value of your product or service.

Business Plan

If you were approaching a bank or another financial institution, you would need to have a business plan. The same applies when you’re entering discussions with investors.

They also want to know that you have a solid plan in place for each aspect of your business. This shows that you’ve done research on your market and you understand it completely. Whether you have a product or service, provide details on how you plan to sell it.

Unique Ideas

Investors aren’t looking for ideas that completely reinvent the wheel. However, they do want to know that your idea is unique enough to stand out in your market.

It should allow your team to do something better than other technology in the financial sector. If an idea like yours already exists in the market, potential supporters want to know why yours brings additional value to consumers or businesses.

How Their Money Will Be Spent

Before anyone puts their money into your business, they’ll want details on how it will be spent. They’re not going to give an arbitrary sum to spend in a way that doesn’t help your business to grow.

Accountability should be a strong element of your plan. You’ll need to be able to track where the money is going and how it will help your investors to profit.

Why is SMS Marketing Still the Best Solution for Your Business?

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Although most people consider SMS to be an outdated technology, is that really true? SMS, according to many research, still plays an essential role when it comes to connecting the most modern technologies. Probably the most deserving of this is its efficiency. Researches show that 9/10 of SMS have been readen in the first 2 minutes. You will agree, this is a very high percentage of success and efficiency. This is why textedly.com has compiled this article to show you just some of the benefits of SMS marketing and why it is the best thing for your business.

1. SMS is not a SPAM message

SMS as a marketing strategy is used only for users who have previously given consent. More precisely, in order for the customer to receive your message, they must give their explicit consent. Also, if the user does not want to receive such messages, they can unsubscribe at any time through the message.

2. People always read text messages

Well, not everyone, but 90% of people always read every SMS they receive immediately upon receipt. Recent research has shown that half of those who receive a message make a purchase.

3. Messages are limited, which means they are creative and hit right in the target

The limit of one message is a little more than 150 characters, which means that the offer must be irresistible! There is no need to send huge memoirs of over 500 characters that no one will read – that will cause a counter-effect. Today’s SMS marketing messages are targeting right at the point – and that’s a call to action.

4. Every message is discreet and personal

When you send messages to your customers or potential customers, they have the feeling that the message is intended exclusively for them, so the effect (potential purchase) is achieved.

5. SMS is the most cost-effective form of communication

The price of one SMS is only a few pennies, which is a small part of a phone conversation. Just imagine the cost you would have if you had to call each customer. That’s right, text messages are much more cost-effective.

With the help of textedly.com service, you can send an SMS message to a virtually unlimited number of your users via the most powerful servers in the country in the simplest, fastest, and most efficient way!

The Takeaway

Their application has a simple contact list system that allows you to work easily and quickly with large amounts of phone numbers. You can also view messages that you have sent, as well as those that have just been sent. An exceptional advantage is that you can finish everything through the website, i.e. from any location.