Why You Might Want to Get Legal Representation

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Getting legal representation can be a difficult choice for many because the process is expensive and you need to make sure that it is worth your investment. However, if you have been ever charged with a crime or facing serious consequences, getting help from an attorney won’t just improve your chances of staying out of jail but will also help you understand what’s going on during the court proceedings.

Why you might want to get legal representation

1. Your attorney will represent your interests

When you are accused of a crime, you need to understand that every single person that represents your case is representing only one person… YOU. In the eyes of the law, you ARE the defendant and it is up to you to explain what happened and why. Let’s say that your best friend was arrested for the murder of a baby in their crib because they forgot to close their window.

You are the person who will be speaking on their behalf because you are the only character witness that can prove that your friend was innocent, not to mention that the baby did NOT die of homicidal circumstances. Your attorney would be your character witness and it is vital to have an expert in criminal law by your side to protect your reputation.

2. They will have more experience than you

It makes complete sense why this is so as prosecutors and defense attorneys are required by law to be educated and licensed to represent people in court. If you have been involved in a serious crime, chances are that your attorney (or a good friend who is not an attorney) likely has some experience in criminal law and has even taken the time to educate themselves on these matters. Conversely, if you don’t have any experience in criminal law your lawyer is going to need to heavily rely on their knowledge of the legal system to help you get through this process.

3. They have a lot of potentials to win your case

If you go to court without an attorney, you are going to be at a significant disadvantage. Your chances of winning your case are substantially lower because the judge will see that you don’t know what is going on or how the legal system works. You won’t be able to defend yourself against what the prosecutor is saying because you don’t know how to speak up for yourself in court.

4. You can rely on your representation

The truth of the matter is that you don’t have any other option but to trust your attorney’s advice or ask them to do things for you. Even though they are bound by a code of conduct and client confidentiality, it is important to understand that they work for you, and therefore it is not uncommon for them to be more direct with their opinions.


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