How to Keep in Touch With Friends From a Long Distance

ConferAlso known as a conference call, polycom conference telephoning is a type of telephone communication whereby a primary caller,in this case the party initiating the call intends to reach out to a larger audience,often more than one party of listeners simultaneously. This call may be set in such a way that the audience to which the primary call is directed to can participate actively in the call by not only listening but by also responding appropriately to the information passed across by the primary caller.Depending on the nature and context in which the telephoning occurs in,the system may also be configured to curtail the primary caller’s target audience from actively participating in the telephoning meaning their only obligation is limited to listening only.

The system that allows this type of communication is configured in such a way that the primary caller calls the other secondary call participants and adds them to the call group.In some cases,these secondary call participants are enabled to call the primary or fellow secondary call participants by dialing certain numbers depending on the system’s configuration. These designated numbers connect to the caller’s preferred target through the aid of a specialized equipment known as the “Conference bridge.”

Companies and large firms seek the services of certain special service providers which are then accorded the responsibility of maintaining and servicing the conference the bride.The service provider configures the phone numbers and codes that secondary callers can dial to automatically participate in the conference call.

There are many configurations of Polycom Conference phone call systems available for friendly group chats. An eample is three-way-calling whereby the first call party number is dialed then the recall key is pressed creating an automatic connection to the other two caller parties.When the system is in the ring-mode,the recall key is pressed thus connecting the three parties to a conversation simultaneously. These calls are normally operator-guided for example using pre-recorded voice prompts.Participants must avoid practices like multitasking while on these calls.


Polycom conference telephoning is widely used in business establishments to reach out to the wide network of stakeholders responsible for the smooth running of business operations.It may be used for example in stakeholders meeting,sales and marketing presentations,team meetings among others.It is also worthy to note that this telephoning system is effective in conferences and making announcements in areas where there are large multitudes of people.