3 Major Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Ever since its discovery, plastic surgery has helped change the lives of millions of people all over the world. Even today, the wonders of plastic surgery can be seen in how it is helping reshape the lives of innumerable people. A lot of people think that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the same; however, it is not true. There is a difference between the two as their functions are not the same. Plastic surgery is conducted to reconstruct or repair the damaged skin and tissue. It also helps to heal natural problems babies are born with. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is conducted to enhance the natural look in order to increase the aesthetic appeal. Both types of surgeries are very evident and popular today as there are people that opt for these two surgeries.

There are a number of situations where plastic surgery by Dagan MD can prove to be highly useful. They are as mentioned below:

1. Birth Deformities

When a baby is born with any deformed body part, or a cleft palate and lip, plastic surgery can help solve the problem. Some babies are born with webbed fingers that are pretty awkward both for the baby and the parents. It is necessary to get rid of the problem so that the baby grows up into a normal adult. Some babies are also born with birthmarks that they do not like after they grow up. Thus, they get plastic surgery to remove them.

2. Burns

When a person gets burned, the skin becomes shriveled and the flesh inside is exposed. It causes a lot of pain and discomfort to the suffering person apart from ruining their appearance. There are several patients that undergo plastic surgery in order to reconstruct and repair the skin that has been damaged due to burns.

3. Injuries

Sometimes, a person may get injured that damages their skin badly. The skin can also get damaged and scarred when a person gets involved in an accident. Each year, millions of people get involved in an accident. Some people get minor injuries, so they decide to live on with the scars. Some people get major injuries that damage their natural form. They choose to get plastic surgery by daganmd.com as it allows them to repair the damages on the skin and help remove ugly scars.

If you would find yourself with any of the problems mentioned above, you should visit Dagan MD today.