Finding The Best Dog SPa and Hotel For Your Dog

According to an unwritten rule, a family is complete only when the dog is there – man’s best friend.

Children love dogs as well as older people because dogs are an inexhaustible source of play, fun, and a good mood.

We usually take the dogs everywhere with us. But in life, there are certain situations when we have to travel somewhere far, for a longer period or simply have an extended holiday weekend. At these times, our dog will be unattended, so the question is, where do we accommodate our pet until we return? The solution is very simple – hotels for dogs!

Why a dog hotel and not someone of my friends or family?

Because you used your pet’s on routine, comfort, and you do not want to leave it to anyone who won’t meet all dog needs.

If you decide to entrust your confidence to a dog hotel that is staffed with only professional people, you need to know what the procedure is and what to expect.

Before admission, you are required to show that your dog is completely healthy, that is, he has been vaccinated against infectious diseases, that he has received the rabies vaccine, that he has no parasites and ticks. Some hotels also require your pet to be chipped.

Now that you are approximately familiar with the procedure, you need to know more about where your dog will be staying, and how it will be treated, i.e., daily activities schedule.

Luxury dog ​​hotels have suites that are thermally insulated, soundproofed, and air-conditioned. The only goal is for your dog to have optimal conditions for rest and stay. The service also includes adjusting the surface of the apartment to your pet.

As far as hygiene conditions are concerned, Puparazzi LA offers impeccable cleanliness, because the wall and floor coverings are made of a special material that allows for easy removal of all impurities as well as complete disinfection.

Like humans, all dogs are different. Some of them like to spend their day in the company of other dogs, while some like to have separate walks. The experienced staff at the dog hotels will tailor the daily activities to each dog individually, as needed.

Dog day on the advice of a Puparazzi LA expert should look like this: in the morning, after eight hours, the dogs and the apartments are checked, followed by the morning walk reserved for the dogs to fulfill their physiological needs; this walk is followed by the first meal and rest; from noon until about five in the afternoon is the so-called program time followed by an evening stroll. By 10 pm at the latest, a second meal comes, as well as another evening check. The dogs are subsequently checked twice before midnight to see if everything is in order.

What every responsible pet owner wants to know is that every dog ​​hotel has ongoing veterinary supervision. The on-duty veterinarian controls the health of all residents, allowing you, as owners, to be calm and to know that your best friend is in safe hands.