Natural Everyday Makeup

With so many makeups looks to choose from, how do you choose the one that is most natural for your skin type? You want to achieve a natural everyday makeup look that screams “FLAWLESS” but you also don’t want to overdo the look. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Pro Tip #1 

For achieving a natural everyday makeup look: choose the right shades. This is probably the most important step in creating that perfect natural makeup look. To avoid the “clown look”, choose shades that blend most naturally with your skin tone. How?

Choose a foundation shade that matches exactly to your skin tone. Especially avoid darker shades that can leave your face and neck clashing with one another.

Along with your foundation, choose the right tones for your eyebrows, eyelids, lipstick, and mascara. For example, if you have blonde hair, avoid using black or darker tones. Compliment your light hair with lighter tones.

Pro Tip #2

Less is always more. Creating a natural makeup look can be difficult if you try to overdo it. If you really want to look natural, allow your natural beauty to shine. How?

Do not over contour. Over contouring can either leave you looking like you really need help in the self-tanning department or leave others wondering if that was your first time with a makeup brush.

Go easy on the eyes. Picking the perfect eyeshadow shade for your natural makeup look is way easier than you think. To achieve a natural look, stick to two shades and don’t try to overdramatize the look. Picking the right shade of eyeshadow is crucial in achieving your everyday makeup look.

Pro Tip # 3

Have a good skincare routine. Taking care of your skin is another important step in achieving the perfect natural everyday makeup look. Exfoliating your skin properly can eliminate any chance of “cakey” makeup and help achieve a more natural makeup look. How?

Exfoliate 1-2 times a week to get rid of dead skin that leaves your skin feeling dry and bumpy. Wash the makeup off your face every night to avoid buildup. Taking care of your skin properly can help you achieve a natural makeup look.

Pro Tip #4

Ask for advice. If you’re worried that your makeup look is out of whack or you really have no clue what you are doing – ask for advice. How?

Ask a friend if you’ve over-done it or where you can improve on your look.

Binge-watch YouTube videos and watch how the pros are achieving their natural makeup looks.

Overall, achieving a natural everyday makeup look is very possible. The most important thing to remember is that natural is best achieved when you let your natural features shine through. Having a good skincare routine and choosing the right shades for your face are the perfect starting points for achieving a natural everyday makeup look.