Hiring the Right Movers: Professional Furniture Delivery Services

Not all companies are created equally. When it comes to furniture delivery and moving services, you can’t hire just anyone and hope their work is flawless. You have to know who to hire if you want to avoid a rogue company. And, there are several of them out there. So let’s focus on some ways for you to weed through the best, and ultimately hire the right movers for your furniture delivery service needs. 

Recommendations & Reviews

If you have relatives who recently moved or friends, ask for a referral. You know these people won’t steer you in the wrong direction. And, if a family member or friend had a horrible experience with a company, they’ll let you know who to avoid. 

In addition to referrals, reviews are insightful. Use the right sites. Yelp, Google reviews, and other sites like Angie’s List, are helpful in your search for the best movers. Make sure a company has a stellar reputation, is honest, and is locally known for its reputation and reliable services.

Get estimates

Don’t just call movers asking for a phone quote. Make sure to have in-home estimates. Show the movers everything. Make a checklist and include everything you’re going to move. If you need them to pack items, let them know. The more detailed the estimate, the easier it will be to get a fair and accurate price. This also helps avoid surprises on moving day. 

Do some more research

With your referrals and estimates, start searching a little more online. Make sure you visit the movers’ websites. See how they pack items, look at photos, and look for online testimonials. Find out if there’s anything you didn’t find in your initial screening. Contact the DOT (dept of transportation). Look for licenses, credentials, and all other information you need, to help you hire the best mover. 

Another tip is to avoid paying too much for the down payment. Rogue movers will ask for 1/2 or more upfront. Don’t pay for it! These are usually scams and you’ll never see your money, or the movers, again. An honest company might ask for $100 to hold your time/date, and the remainder of the balance upon delivery. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the best moving company. You have to take your time and compare several companies. These are some simple ways you can narrow down the options in your search for the top local furniture delivery professionals when you’re moving.