Surgery and Other Alternatives for Back Pain Relief

Spinal tap, fluid leaks, major surgical solutions, or general pain relief treatments, are some of the many different solutions you might learn about. The LA-based surgeon is not only going to help you determine if surgery is the only way to treat your pain, but will also work with you to tailor a treatment plan that’s suited for you. No two patients are alike. Therefore, even if two people have the same discomfort or back problems, the treatment is not going to follow the same course of action. As a patient who is suffering from back pain, you want to know the surgical team you visit is going to develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Not offer some “canned approach” to treating your pain.

You want to learn about different ways to treat back pain. In some cases, the surgeon might suggest

  • Anti inflammatories and treatment
  • You might require surgery to resolve the pain and discomfort
  • Going to a therapist or a specialist that works with massage
  • Surgery to remove fluids or other built up liquids

Then, some patients might simply have to take a few medications to treat their pain. In other cases, major surgical procedures might be the only viable approach to eliminating the pain and helping a patient regain the mobility that they have lost. 

The first step to determining how to treat your back pain is for you to visit the surgical center. You’re going to want to talk to the surgeon, learn about his approach, and learn about how he is going to treat the issues you’re suffering from. In some cases, treating the underlying issues might completely resolve your back pain, at which point surgery is no longer necessary. 

Once you have addressed all lingering issues, you and the surgical team can best determine how to undergo your treatment, or if surgery is required, what type of surgery is the best for your pain. No matter what you’re suffering from or why you’re limited in mobility, visit the to learn more about back surgery, surgical options, and how to treat your pain. You’ll quickly learn there’s more than one approach, and it is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to surgery, back pain, and treating the conditions you’re suffering from.